Bird Watching

From October to March in particular, the Chandelao area is a paradise for birdwatchers. A tradition of respect for all living things by the local people, the lack of pesticides in agriculture, and a strategic position on the migratory path of many species leads to a rich and varied avifauna.

A walk around Chandelao can yield some great sightings of parakeets, bulbuls, bee eaters, peafowl, and other residents. For the enthusiast, a jeep trip to local hot spots, including nearby Olvi lake is a must and will provide sightings of a vast range of waterfowl, herons, kingfishers, grebes, and waders. Three crane species are regularly sighted - demoiselle, common, and the endangered sarus crane.

Birdwatching trips are conducted by an experienced guide, and binoculars and a bird identifiction guide are provided.