Camel & Camel Cart Rides

Camel Rides

We can arrange camel rides along quiet roads into the heart of the countryside. You will be driven by jeep to the camel herder's farm where you will receive some instruction on camel riding. Then, under the guidance of the camel driver, you will ride back to the hotel. The camel ride will take approximately 2 hours. Longer trips and other routes are also available. Please let us know your interest in advance.

Camel Cart Rides

If sitting on a camel or a horse is not your style, we can arrange a camel-cart ride through the countryside. The leisurely pace will allow you to enjoy the sights and sounds of farms and fields where traditional agriculture is still practised. A camel cart ride can accommodate up to 4 passengers. A camel cart ride can also be combined with Sundowner and Barbecue trips.