Jeep Safari

A jeep safari in our unique open-sided jeep will take you deep into the Rajasthani countryside, through fields where goats graze and farmers raise their crops. You will see camels and buffaloes, houses old and new, and smiling and welcoming people everywhere. The villages are gradually receiving electricity supply and being connected to more reliable water supplies but for the most part life continues as is has for many centuries. You will visit traditional craftspeople making woven rugs of camel hair, and water pots of local clay. You can even try your hand at “throwing” a pot on a traditional hand-driven potters wheel.

Near the villages of the Bishnoi people, who for centuries have protected the animals and plants of the region, you will catch glimpses of the majestic nilgai – the largest of Asian antelopes. You may also see the beautiful, but endangered, spiral-horned black buck and the chinkara, an Asian gazelle. You will see many colorful birds, and may catch a glimpse of the endangered Egyptian vulture.

You will also visit a traditional Bishnoi homestead for a first-hand glimpse of their traditions and customs.

Check out the photo gallery for a sample of sights.