Chandelao Garh | Village Homestay

Be our honoured guest in a Rajasthani village.

Experience the "real" India with a visit to Chandelao Garh. Only 40 km from bustling Jodhpur this highly rated hotel will enfold you in a different world - the world of the rulers of Rajasthan in a traditional village. Majestic Chandelao Garh is the ancestral home of the landowners of the area, and has been tastefully converted to a modern hotel. But do not expect telephones and televisions - the Garh will provide you with an authentic experience of traditional Rajasthani hospitality in a tranquil village setting.

Rooms are tastefully decorated with period furniture, while providing 21st century comfort. The kitchen presents the flavours of traditional Rajasthani cuisine in impeccable style using local produce and spices. The well-kept hotel grounds are filled with flowers and the sounds of peacocks and parrots. Enjoy an evening on the terrace with friends old and new and marvel at the starry desert sky at night.

A stroll round the village will bring you face to face with the sights and sounds of village India - local craftspeople ply their trade, animals graze, women in colourful native dress fetch water from the wells and lakes, children play in the street and everyone welcomes visitors with a friendly greeting.

Escape the hubbub of the cities and enjoy the tranquillity of Indian village life. Visit Chandelao Garh.

Recommended in Alastair Sawday's Special Places to Stay in India and Sri Lanka.

9.2 Rated by Guests