Our kitchen provides three wholesome meals each day. Food is prepared in a traditional kitchen using ancient Rajasthani recipes with local ingredients and cooking methods. For instance, fresh home-made chapatis – served with every meal – are made of unrefined whole wheat flour, hand-kneaded and rolled, and cooked over a wood fire for a delicious, slightly smoky flavour.

Locally-grown, seasonal vegetables, home made yoghurt and paneer (cottage cheese) are regular ingredients. Rajasthani food is not highly spiced but is deliciously flavoured with judicious use of a wide range of freshly ground herbs and spices.

Breakfast is western-style, with your choice of fruit juices, home-made yoghurt, cereals, fresh fruit, toast, butter, marmalade, tea, and coffee along with a traditional Indian dish such as parathas or puris. Eggs cooked to order in the style of your choice are also included.

Lunch and Dinner are traditional Indian meals. Dinner starts with a tasty vegetable soup. Then enjoy a delicious buffet of chapatis, rice, spicy vegetable dishes, daals (lentils), salads, and a meat dish. You will find yourself coming back for more. The meal ends with a traditional sweet for which the Jodhpur region is famous.

Breakfast and lunch are served in the colonnaded main building. When the weather is fine and the nights are warm, dinner is served on the balcony above the main gate of the Garh, where you can enjoy the cool evening breezes, with the lights of Jodhpur in the distance, and above, the magnificent desert sky.